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Is using a cold towel as safe as you think?

Ngày đăng: 04-04-2019

Cold towels, also known as wet towels, are commonly used items in restaurants, restaurants, passenger cars, etc. Compared to dry paper towels, cold towels have more advantages such as tougher. , more durable and cleaner. However, many conflicting opinions suggest that cold towels should not be used because it may have a bad health effect. So using cold towels really has a bad effect.

Is using a cold towel really safe?
Cold towels are an extremely useful and handy invention in daily life. Cold towels with a main component of more than 90% are water plus some preservatives to prevent the entry of mold or bacteria harmful to the skin when used. Referring to preservatives, some people may feel afraid because the feeling is not safe. However, if a cold, non-preserved towel is used, it is extremely dangerous because the bacteria have an extremely suitable environment to grow. That’s why cold towel packaging machines were born.

In conventional cold towel preservatives, there are two compounds that receive conflicting comments about safety, namely Parabens and Phenoxyl Ethanol. To please careful customers, the French, US Food and Drug Administration and a number of toxicology research magazines have given safe levels for the use of these preservatives. Specifically, for Parabens are from 0.01% to 0.3% and below 1% for Phenoxyl Ethanol.

After being “processed” cold paper towels are packed by specialized packaging equipment, ensuring the towels are carefully preserved, avoiding contact with the outside environment, intact until customers.

Therefore, using cold towels is absolutely safe for your health and your family if you choose the base and brand of cold towels to ensure the standards set out.

How to choose cold towels safely?

To ensure safety in using cold towels daily, you need to pay special attention when choosing to buy cold towels, need to choose reputable brands and clear origin and carefully packed.

– Check information about product ingredients, source information, place of production. Do not use products that have obscure information, do not write full information.

– Learn about ingredient information in cold towels, especially if used for children.

– Check the expiry date

– Do not use cold towels containing chlorine and alcohol.

– Do not use cheap cold towels

– Choose the type of towel suitable for the user (for sensitive skin, for babies, …)

Packaged cold towels are popular products on the market. Do bring many benefits for businesses, but not a few tricks to fake, copy products.